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The future of construction is circular

At Holcim, we recognize that our world’s precious resources are finite. That’s why we are embracing circular operations and doing our part to build better with less. By reducing, regenerating and recycling materials whenever possible, we are decarbonizing building for a net-zero future.

Climate Report 2022

Holcim’s first Climate Report, released in 2022, details our commitment to using a circular economy framework throughout our business.

Why take a circular economy approach?

The circular economy is the business opportunity of our time. It strengthens local economies and supply chains in a way that is:

Socially inclusive

Circularity creates new business models and jobs. For every 10,000 metric tons of waste recycled, an estimated 100 new jobs are created, and the potential is even greater in refurbishment and repair.


The circular economy aligns with the pressing need to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Achieving an 85% material recycling rate across our economy would equate to taking 10 billion cars off our roads.


By using recycled materials as a substitute for resources extracted from nature, the circular economy’s regenerative business models help preserve biodiversity and reduce water consumption.

“Circular construction is climate-friendly, nature-positive and socially inclusive while offering incredible economic opportunity to our business. My vision is to incorporate recycled materials into every new building, breathing new life into old materials.”


With circular construction, we are building new from old

Building a circular economy is one of our four sustainability pillars at Holcim. We act upon our commitment to circular solutions in our operations and through our products.

The circular economy involves reducing, regenerating and recycling materials to mitigate the impacts of construction on the environment while giving buildings a second life.

Building a circular economy is one of Holcim’s four sustainability pillars. We integrate circular approaches throughout our business, from our operations to our products all the way to buildings in use.

Collaboration is key to achieving a truly circular construction industry. We work closely with industry leaders, NGOs, academic institutions and governments to drive the change within our sector.

Our Circular Explorer catamaran is on a mission to recover plastic marine waste from the oceans and empower the next generation to take action to limit pollution.

With GO CIRCULAR, Team Holcim-PRB is sailing around the world to accelerate the shift to circular living.

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