Holcim MAQER

Building smarter to build sustainably

We set up our Holcim MAQER open innovation platform to drive change in the building materials sector through lasting partnerships. As our venture client, Holcim MAQER seeks out the most innovative start-ups to solve global challenges.

In 2022, we assessed solutions from over 500 start-ups. We look for:

Greener start-ups

that offer sustainable building solutions, such as carbon capture technology, to reach net-zero

Smarter start-ups

that leverage digital tools to solve today’s problems, like monitoring supply chain risk

Cleaner start-ups

that assess air pollution, water usage and waste management, through the use of an app, for example

Creating opportunities for innovation

The objective of our Holcim MAQER is to identify the technologies that will have the biggest impact on our industry, and society as a whole. We seek out collaborations with tech start-ups to utilize innovative solutions to their full potential. Our partnerships include manufacturing and software companies. What do they have in common? They are solving challenges across the value chain, focusing particularly on Industry 4.0, logistics, services and retail.

We have already worked with more than 1,600 technology players to scale up innovation in the construction sector. Solutions range from digitizing the construction site or plant to providing affordable housing and designing the low-carbon building materials of tomorrow. We believe through collaboration with start-ups, suppliers, customers and all of our stakeholders, we can build progress for people and the planet.


Why partner with us?

We’re determined to introduce innovative ideas into our industry. Partnering with us gives you a reference client in the global construction industry, even when your solution is still a prototype.

Your solutions help us solve challenges, and we want to do the same for you, creating value for your company. A Holcim MAQER partnership lets you make your mark in the building materials industry and fast-track your business.

With Holcim MAQER, you stay in control of your company. We don’t demand exclusivity, rights to invest or intellectual property rights, giving you freedom and flexibility.

Teamwork driving innovation at HackZurich

As part of our Holcim MAQER open innovation platform, in 2021 we held a sustainability challenge at HackZurich, Europe’s largest hackathon. We gathered the brightest minds from the world of tech for a 48-hour workshop.

Using data from over 60,000 construction sites, hackers were asked to develop prototypes to help alleviate construction ‘chaos’ – noise, pollution and waste. The winning team’s prototype used a digital marketplace to automatically resell unused construction materials. This provides a cost-effective solution for smaller construction businesses and minimizes carbon emissions from transportation.

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